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Unspoilt East Norfolk coastlines like these are exactly why I treasure and appreciate living outside of London. Winterton ( a 30-minute drive from Norwich) is void of arcades, brash shops and there isn't a single candy floss stall in sight. Instead, you're greeted with sand dunes as far as the eye can see, one fish and chip shop and a small cafe that serves up some damn good cakes. I've often felt enormous pressure to make a move to London in order to succeed within this industry, but I know if I relocated to the capital life wouldn't be quite as 'sweet.' Meeting other creatives and bloggers who reside in cities other than London has taught me to appreciate where I am and what it has to offer, such as backdrops like this which lends itself perfectly to this late summer outfit.

Shirt: A.P.C / Skirt: COS / Shoes: Studio Nicholson / Bag: Weekday / Earrings: ThreadStudio / Watch: Rosefield

Photography by Dean Khalil

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Dress: COS / Jacket: Caron Callahan (similar here and here) / Shoes: Converse / Watch: Mondaine 

As British summer time draws to a close (usually signaled by the start of GBBO), it only seems fitting to share one last splash of colour and reflect on what has been a nonstop and memorable summer. This one's been a contrast to the usual festival frolics, lingering aroma's of BBQ, and copious amount of Pimms. Instead, it's been a little less carefree, and a bit more 'adulting,' with the goal of moving into the new house by Autumn set, renovations have been at the forefront of our minds, and any given opportunity has been invested in the new house. At the time, all those Sunday's spent demolishing half a house only to rebuild felt like they would never end, but it's now starting to feel like a distant memory, the hard work is paying off, and the end is nigh!

Between pretending to be Kevin McCloud (or maybe more George Clark?), working full time and the house I've consciously devoted more time creating content for the blog/Instagram and connecting with other creatives. A lot of what the blogging community does is built on relationships and surrounding yourself with like-minded people; summer brought with it several amazing trips to do exactly that. My mind was opened (and pleasantly surprised) on a vegan jaunt to Stockholm with Maria Nila, Sarah, Niomi and Venetia. I discovered new brands and some amazing spaces (props if you clock the George Clark reference) during Oslo Runway, a city to keep your eye on, and Visit Manchester generously invited an ace bunch of creatives to celebrate all things Manchester where I had the pleasure of meeting sartorially gifted Jordan and the talented Mat for the first, and certainly not the last time. 

This tomato red number from COS (no surprise there) has certainly been my wild card purchase of the summer, typically a stranger to a bolder colour I've been curiously drawn to minimal silhouettes in primary colours in a bid to keep my paired down style fresh this summer. Despite Autumn's official start date looming we all know an 'Indian summer' is waiting for us right around the corner so here's to more wear out of this new summer favourite. 

Photography by Jordan Bunker


Watch: Rosefield / Bracelet: Rosefield / Shirt: COS

The notice has been written, signed and handed in; the countdown is on. (T-minus 8 weeks to be exact) Obviously, I'm super excited about this next chapter, but I've started having what I call 'wobbles.' I can only describe them as small but intense spells of second guessing my decision. At least once a week, I think to myself I've made a terrible choice and toy with the idea of revoking that notice and sticking to what I know. There's no denying life's easier with a fixed income, paid holiday and set hours. But then I remind myself, where's the FUN in that?! If I shy away from this opportunity now, due to lack of confidence, then I will forever wonder what if? and probably begrudge myself. 

To get me through, what feels a bit like limbo, it's imperative to keep looking forward, channel my energy into the positives that are to come and begin planning for self-employed life. Investing more time to connect with other creatives and brands face to face is certainly inspiring me and giving me some much-needed drive and ambition.  A small change that's already making a world of difference is switching from digital note taking (God bless Apple) to the act of writing in a physical notebook. Throughout University, I would have been lost without my Moleskine; I'd jot down everything, and anything that came to mind. Unfortunately, this habit disintegrated all too quickly post graduation, partially due to convenience. I thought it would be easier to have all reminders, notes and lists in one place; my phone. Switching to digital, however, has had the opposite effect. 
There is something more satisfying and quite cleansing about writing on paper as opposed to using a phone. Handwritten notes, such as blog post ideas or collaborative proposals allow me to feel more engaged because I'm void of any digital distractions.  

I've started to write down what it is I'm looking forward to about the freelance life. 
- First and foremost is the immeasurable freedom in how I can work and where I can work. 
- More time means more content. Working full time has limited time spent blogging so I can't wait to bring more purpose to my posts and explore new avenues of content creation, notably interiors. 
- Blogging has given me opportunities to meet inspiring fellow creatives, some of whom have helped me take this full time and push my capabilities. With the flexibility and time to travel more, I can't wait to immerse myself in the blogging community, work collaboratively and connect with other like minded people. 

Here's to the next chapter! 

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Photography by Jordan Bunker  

Stylebrittany bathgate

Watch: Rosefield / Bracelet: Rosefield / Top: Frankie Shop / Jeans: Vintage Levi's (similar here and here) / Shoes: COS / Bag: Nina Ricci / Earrings: Thread Studio 


Other Favourites


The recent exploration of colour on my Instagram has left me thinking, will I ever rightly understand my personal style?  I've always homed in on navy, grey's, white and black (which I'm happy with), but recently whether it's down to the good weather we've been having or merely curiosity I've found myself bravely wearing bolder colours like never before. This tomato red dress from COS paired with an indigo blue Caron Callahan workwear jacket is a firm favourite right now.  

I revel in a simple style, more than anything. I've tried and tested trendy impulse buys, I've attempted other forms of dressing, but in the end, I always come back to those clean lines and more classic cuts. Something's got me yearning to push my style though, to keep 'minimal' interesting and creative, and I think this is why an exploration of brighter hues has come in to play. 

In the past red has felt too strong a colour to pull off, it's bold, and it's bolshy - it's everything I'm not. But when red comes in the form of straight cut pleated trousers, a tested shape that I know works for me; I'm comfortably into it. 


Blouse: & Other Stories / Trousers: StyleBop / Basket: The White Company / Shoes: Converse / Earrings: Threadstudio / Watch: Mondaine  

brittany bathgate

Top: COS / Jeans: GAP / Shoes: Marni / Earrings: StillWithYou 

Photography by: Dean Khalil

brittany bathgate