Confidence, and lack thereof.

As a blogger people naturally assume you are confident, I mean who wouldn't think that. Every other post on here and Instagram is all me me me.  Unbeknown to most, but like many other women, I've struggled with crushing self-doubt and lack of self-confidence ever since I can remember. Whether it's my hair, my body, my makeup or my voice I've always been overly self-critical, so you can imagine when I started blogging (nearly two years ago) these insecurities were extremely heightened. Undeniably blogging and sharing pictures of yourself on the internet brings with it certain pressures. Sure the first few months of blogging were pretty rocky, filled with awkward poses, self-criticisms and even some tears. I spent countless weekends telling myself 'I look ugly', 'I'm too short', 'I'm too skinny', 'What's the point, I look stupid'. The list could go on. But fast forward two years, through a lot of determination and small life changes I've taught myself to look past the insecurities and to keep a focus on why I started blogging in the first place. I didn't start blogging because I wanted to share photos of myself for people to scrutinise. I started because I wanted to share my personal style. 

I was recently asked to be involved in Danish design house, Georg Jensen's You Can Never Be Too Much campaign and it got me thinking about some of the inspiring women I've met along my blogging journey and how they have inspired me to be confident in more ways than one. Below are 4 ways in which I've boosted my self confidence and helped reach my blogging goals. 
The campaign itself features five extraordinary women who through hard work, determination and self-confidence have reached the top of their game. See more here. 

Small Confidence Boosts

Low self-esteem or self-confidence can be a big problem, but sometimes it's those smaller confidence boosts that can make the difference. I always take note of the things that make me feel good, no matter how small they are. It could be the perfect fitting pair of jeans or a favourite lipstick (that always get's you compliments). Remember the little things that make you feel good, ready for when you next need some get-up-and-go. 

Break a Sweat

Joining the gym and regular running has hands down been the best solution to my low self-esteem, both mentally and physically. Any sign of self-pity or doubt rearing it's ugly head, and I'm straight our the door to the gym or pounding the pavement. Can't beat the endorphin rush after a bad day. 

Take a Risk

Ten months ago I took a risk. I threw myself out of my easy and comfortable job of 5 years, quit, started a new one and I haven't looked back since. You would think to leave a job which I knew like the back of my hand would, in turn, create the reverse effect and completely rattle my confidence but it made me stand up straight and realise what I wanted and how to get it. I have no choice but to be confident in my current role, in the beginning, I felt pressured to project an air of self-conviction which has naturally developed into the real deal. I'm not telling you all to quit your job tomorrow, but you will be surprised at how taking a step into the unknown can force you to be the confident person you want to be. 

Stop Comparing

Comparing yourself to others won't get you anywhere. Learning to accept myself, appreciating who I am and what I have was vital in growing self-confidence. When starting out in the blogging world it took some time to find my feet, and I inevitably compared myself to other bloggers, a hell of a lot! This did nothing, but make me feel even worse about myself. We are all different, which I continually have to remind myself is a GOOD thing. 




Coat: COS / Jumper: Plumo / Trousers: COS (similar here, here and here) / Shoes: Whistles / Bag: A.P.C / Hat: COS (similar here) / Earrings: Zara

This post is sponsored in collaboration with Georg Jensen, all words and opinions are my own. I would love to hear your own experiences with self confidence and over coming any lack thereof. 


brittany bathgate

Coat: Norse Projects / Dress: H&M (20% off with code 6013) / Jeans: Levi's (similar here & here) / Boots: Acne / Bag: Danielle Foster / Earrings: Mango 

brittany bathgate
The Denim Update

Jeans:  Re Done via StyleBop/ Jumper: Steffen Schraut via StyleBop/ Coat: Zadig & Voltaire via StyleBop / Bag: Nina Ricci via StyleBop


Jeans: Current/Elliot via StyleBop/ Jumper: Vanessa Bruno via StyleBop/ Bag: Carven via StyleBop 

The clocks have changed, and summers tan has faded; Autumn is officially here. With the help of Stylebop and the launch of their new denim shop, I feel ready to tackle the November chill with full force. From frayed hems to straight talking 'mom jeans.' StyleBop has got you covered. S.B kindly offered me the chance to style some of the newly stocked denim (it was time to give my battered 501's a rest after all) I've upgraded my frayed hems with Re Done's larger than life cuffs and added a pop of fiery red to Current/Elliot's slouchy straight leg fit. 

Meet the new Cortez.

Above: Dress: Whistles / Skirt: H&M (similar here and here)/ Shoes: Nike / Watch: Mondaine / Earrings: Finery 

Right : Coat: COS / Sweater: Zara / Trousers: COS / Bag: RSVP Paris / Shoes: Nike / Earrings (not seen): Mango 


The footwear scene over the past year has been something of a whitewash - from Adidas' Stan Smith to Common Projects Achilles shoe the minimal all white trainer has reigned supreme and still is to a certain extent, but this winter expects to see brands up their trainer game. I still endorse an all white offering, and they've become the perfect footwear failsafe, but the desire for something new is slowly creeping in. 
Nike, in particular, has upped their game this winter, by in investing in their iconic Cortez model. The classic running silhouette has stepped up a notch, improving the aesthetics from it's previous sporty vibe to a refined, pared back softer feminine feel.  Pam Pam London, my go to for one of a kind women's trainers, generously offered me the chance to style and take the new Cortez out for a test run. (not a literal run) Nike has always been my ride or die when running (as is their run club app) and I've experienced nothing but comfort and support when wearing their running styles, in fact, Nike successfully pulled me through my first 10k with a personal best! The new Cortez is no exception in delivering ample cushioning for day to day wear. I opted for the light bone shade (never can be too far from an all white sneaker) and a dark loden; an all black version is also available.

Before I wrap this up, I must draw your attention to this new coat! Gimme a sculptural sleeve and a heavy weight tweed and I'm sold, so when I saw this online I knew I was getting it even before trying it. 

Photos by. Dean Khalil   

In collaboration with Pam Pam London. All words and styling are my own. 

brittany bathgate
Blogging. It's not you, it's both of us.

Dress: Oak & Fort / Jeans: Levi's 501 / Shoes: Gucci / Bag: Celine / Earrings: Mango / Watch: Mondaine


It has been almost two months since I roamed these parts, hello to anyone still hanging around. I salute you for sticking this blogging blip out. This small hiatus should we call it, wasn't planned or intentioned in the slightest it sort of just organically happened (Okay, that is a little white lie, part of me felt it coming). SO, where have I been, what have I been doing and why did I take a break?

1. I went on holiday

Shortly after my last post, on the 25th of August, I departed for a two week holiday in Turkey; the type of holiday where you do absolutely nothing and the itinerary for day reads something like this:

Lie by pool
Get in pool
Get out of pool
Lie by pool
*Break for food*
Repeat from the top 

By the 10th day, I had forgotten what strenuous activity or an increased heart rate felt like, safe to say I am not a 'sit by the pool holiday' kinda gal. Fantastic to have a break, none the less and a great way to distance myself from social media/the blogging world. A digital detox is incredibly liberating and as the days went on I increasingly gave less of shit as to what was happening on the internet. So much so when I returned to the U.K my disregard for all social media platforms continued. Eventually, Instagram posts slowed down, and both Twitter and the blog went silent. 

2. I fell out of love with blogging

My relationship with blogging has always felt very tumultuous. I am by no means a natural writer, as some of you have ruthlessly pointed out (Note to trolls - don't forget to hide your IP address) and I've often doubted my place in the blogging world. Whether the accelerated growth of the blogging world has imposed this pressure or it's just me being neurotic for no rational reason, I've always felt the stress to create regular content with intent or a message per se. As if solely posting an outfit with credits isn't enough. I'm always questioning 'what is it I'm trying to communicate through the blog?' and 'what is my purpose?' to no avail which induced severe social (media) Anxiety. Yep, because social media anxiety is surely a thing now?  During the past 5-6 months, this feeling over consumed me, the fun in blogging dissipated, and as a result, my content quality started to slack (remember when I had ideas and put energy into creating posts. See here). It took removing myself from the situation (going on a holiday) to comprehend how much these feelings were impacting me negatively.  

 3. I started a new job

I started (formerly Style and Wellbeing) during an unsatisfied stage in my life: my job wasn’t fulfilling me, I was missing the life Dean and I previously had in Australia, and I didn’t have anyone to share my love of clothes with. (First world problems)  A blog was an outlet for me, a place for me to feel creative again, meet new friends, learn new skills and share to others my style. Earlier this year I started a new job, which in contrast to my previous, I couldn't enjoy more. I've spent most of this year channeling all of my energy into this new job (not so new anymore) leaving little juice for blogging so naturally, the blog has taken a back seat.  

4. Life changes

So big news, WE FINALLY HAVE A HOUSE! It's not much of a house, but the important thing is we have one. For any long time followers you may remember all the way back in 2015 I mentioned Dean, and I were looking to take our first step on the property ladder, specifically somewhere that required a lot of TLC, and by TLC I mean knocking down walls and rebuilding parts. Honest to god either some unknown karma came back and bit us in the arse, or I jinxed the entire process by blogging about our intentions because from the word go everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. Eight months later, though, a two up two down mid terraced house with a 95-foot garden is finally ours to do what we please with. More on this and our progress later! I'm thinking vlogs?! 

With wedding planning and the reno project in full swing (is it terrible to say that creating and partially building a home from scratch is an incy wincy tiny bit more exciting than our nuptials), I feel like I've been propelled from irresponsible, disorganised 20 something to this thing called an 'adult'. I've got adult jobs now and a diary full of adult jobs to prove it. Priorities! Priorities! Priorities!

Stepping away from the sometimes dog eat dog atmosphere of social media and blogging puts things in perspective, it generates new ideas and makes you miss the community of amazing people you've met via it. Anyway, enough of the woe is me, back to the here and now. My work life balance is amended; I'm almost caught up with emails/ Instagram comments, and I'm ready to give it another shot.  


Timeless Originals

Jacket: Barbour / Jumper: Barbour / Trousers; Zara (similar here and here) / Trainers: Adidas / Bag: Loxley 


Outerwear and thick knits are probably the last things on most people's mind's, especially if you reside in the UK and are basking in this incredible heatwave we are experiencing right now, but this is how blogging works right? Completely backwards!  FYI it was 30 degrees when shooting these looks and I have now crowned myself Queen of 'Photoshopping out sweat'. 


My first memory of Barbour is my mother's brown full length waxed edition, exclusively used for dog walking and battling treacherous weather, I can't say I was ever fond of it. Little did I know though the Barbour jacket would catapult into the realm of 'indie cool' a few years later thanks to the Peter Pan collar wearing and, at the time, the indie queen herself, Alexa Chung. Thanks to Miss Chung and my susceptible teenage brain I spent countless hours trawling eBay hunting for THE Barbour. Which I did eventually score, only to have stolen from me at a festival. To this day a piece of me still, mourns over the dreamy men's Bedale I once had. 
Fast forward to present day however and Barbour (particularly for women) has come on leaps and bounds. For AW16 Barbour asked their Menswear design team to design the new women's collection. (hello collection of my dreams) I've always enjoyed wearing men's styles, especially the men's wax jacket, so to see these classic styles transformed for the modern day woman is fantastic. Featured here are two of my favourite jackets and jumpers from collection. See how I styled more of the Timeless Originals collection on the Barbour blog, along with a small interview.  


Jacket: Barbour / Turtleneck: Barbour (coming soon) / Skirt: H&M (similar herehere) / Trainers: Adidas / Basket: eBay 

In collaboration with Barbour. All words & styling are my own.