Monthly Music: February


You might remember in my recent Melbourne post I mentioned how I'd been inspired by some of my favourites ladies to start creating more candid diary-like entries on the blog, as opposed to the polished 'big camera' posts, and to make this space a bit more than just the clothes I'm wearing, so here I am posting my first playlist. I really enjoy discovering new music through others sharing their playlists, so what better way to return the favour than by sharing the top tunes I had on repeat last month. You’ll notice a new icon hanging out in the navigation bar to the left incase you wanted to follow for future playlists (or just have a nosey). February saw me reignite my love for some oldies, such as Beirut, Kate Bush and Devo (I blame Life Aquatic for that track), but also discovered some new’uns thanks to Spotify’s ‘Office Stereo Playlist’ which is great one to have on in the background whilst working.