Best Of Basics: The Black Trouser

I'm the kind of gal who is more at ease in understated clothing, especially a pair of black trousers. Digging through my wardrobe you'll see patterned and flamboyant pieces are few and far between commonly because I feel more comfortable in simple clothes. Shopping for simplicity however isn't always simple, especially when like myself you are 5'3" and critical when it comes to fits. The black trouser needs no introduction or explanation, more than just a backbone in my wardrobe the sartorial staple is my everyday uniform. Below is quick a rundown of 9 purse friendly styles [8 of which I own] all favoured for individual reasons. 


Topshop Jet Pocket Cigarette Trousers - Available in 3 lengths. A slim/straight fitting cigarette trouser that sits on the waist. The only con is the size of the pockets and their awkward placement. The material does resemble something your parents might have sent you to school in but you get what you pay for, surprisingly they wash really well. I love the fit and they've become my go to work trouser. £22 [worn here]

Topshop Notch Back Tapered Trousers - Available in 3 lengths. A tapered, loose fitting high waisted style with a small turn up. Darts on the back ensure these are flattering on the bum.  £22 [worn here]

Asos Peg Trouser with Ruched Waist Detail - Available in Asos PETITE. These are a true straight fitting trouser [straightest of the 3], the elastic waist creates maximum comfort and is ideal for smaller waists. £22 


Culotte/Wide Leg

Zara Cropped Flowing Trousers - Cropped and extremely flowing with an elasticated waist, what more could you want? Admittedly not so cropped on my short shelf, more of an 'awkward length'. £19.99 [worn here

Zara Culottes - £25.99 A smarter alternative to the casual culotte. This flat front style are my preferred out of the 3 due to their suitability for work. [worn here]

Base Range Partine Pants Crafted from 100% organic silk these are definitely a luxury Culotte. This beautifully crafted pair hold their voluminous triangle shape whilst worn which I love. I am, unfortunately, not bless with the ownership of this pair but I have tried them on and can vouch for the price tag. £74




Vintage Levi's 501 - The 501 is the original 'mom' jean, unflattering on the crotch but the most comfortable of the 3 these are my favourite jeans by a mile. The 501 is a true straight style sitting high on the waist so if you are more accustomed to a slimmer style trying these will feel like unfamiliar territory. Since finding the perfect vintage pair, that fit me like a glove, I haven't looked back. £45 [worn here]

Topshop Girlfriend Jeans - Not ready to try the 501? The girlfriend jean is a great alternative. You get the best of both worlds with these jeans, flattering on the bum thanks to their slimmer fit around the middle but with a relaxed leg. None of that 90's Mom 'long butt' in these. Like most denim these are very tight when first on but through a few wears they relax and look a lot more lived in. £40 [worn here in blue]

Topshop Baxter Jeans - I quit skinny jeans cold turkey over 6 months ago, the thought of wearing them now is completely alien to me. Through trial and error I learnt skin tight jeans did not do my runners calves any favours especially when overly narrow on the ankle. [I avoid the uncomplimentary Topshop Jamie jeans at all costs] Prior to ditching skinny jeans the Baxter was my favoured style due to it's marginal differences to the regular skinny jean. The Baxter is a hybrid of skinny, straight and slim; skinny through the top and slim straight from the knee down thus creating a small ankle swing. I love a good ankle swing!
 £40 [worn here]



Disclaimer: Although it might look like it this post is not sponsored by Topshop, I simply struggle to find trousers that cater for my size and 9 times out 10 topshop works for me.