Home Accessories Edit

The inability to put our true stamp on the old terraced house (that is in need of ALOT of TLC) we currently rent can often leave me feeling frustrated. The hole ridden floor boards are creaky and wonky, half of them aren't even nailed down, the wallpaper is some of worst I've seen and do not even get me started on the bathroom. Don't get me wrong I'm very grateful for the location and space we reside in but if you live in a similar property then you know what I mean. Until our renovation project commences home accessories are my best friend when it comes to personalising our space and averting eyes away from the flaws. Pictured below is a small compilation of my favourite decorations that don't break the bank.  

Geometric Tea Light Holder: Att Pynta / Cardamom Flower Candle: Att Pynta / Mug: Made in Cley  / Candle Holder: Clas Ohlson / Grid Pattern Box: HAY

Concrete Plant Pot: Ruby Bloom / Wood Desk Tidies: Cow & Co / Pink Mini Vase: Att Pynta / Lamp: Ikea

Items As Before 

Mini Vase: Att Pynta / Candle: Muji / Cushion Cover: Ikea / Diary and Pen: Muji / Bedside Table: Ikea

Bedlinen: Gray & Willow / Sleeping Mask: After Party 

Metal Tray: H&M / Copper Votive: Att Pynta  / Cardamom Candle: Att Pynta / Mirror: Ikea / Plant: B&Q