The words 'ballerina flat' scare me and bring back some haunting outfit memories - until I saw these of course. With the addition of tie up ribbons, Ballerina flats needn't be basic anymore. This upgraded style works for me because you essentially look practical, but with flair. If you're like me and haven't got round to giving your feet some TLC, these are a reasonable alternative to a strappy sandal. 

Tie Up Ballerinas: Dune / Trousers: Nanushka / Shirt: COS / Bag: Kozha Numbers 

One of the many joys of backless shoes is they don't rub on your heels. Good riddance to the unbearable pain of breaking in a new pair of loafers. The second joy, when paired with trousers, is the flattering ankle flash making them a foolproof smart flat for spring. 

Backless loafers: Dune / Dress: Mr Larkin / Bag: Cult Gaia / Jeans: Levi's (similar here and here) / Earrings: Finery 

Never underestimate the power of the white brogue to elevate a work look. Anything masculine and clumpy I'm like a moth to a flame. I practically live in black brogues or oxfords at work so white acts as the perfect alternative for summer. This navy and white combo has been a favourite of late for day to day meetings.  

Lace Up Brogue: Dune / Trousers: Acne / Coat: Zadig and Voltaire / Shirt: Fabiana Pigna / Earrings: Finery 

Collaboration with Dune. All words and styling are my own.