Introduction & a windy OOTD

I've done it, finally taken the leap into the blogging world. It was inevitable really, the idea of starting a blog has been on my mind for years but the worry of getting lost in a sea of blogs always got the better of me. It wasn't until my Instagram account started to gain more momentum and people started asking if I had a blog or suggesting I start one that I thought maybe there is an audience out there for me.

What is Style & Well Being?

Style is self explanatory and will be predominent.  Do not fear the 'well being' part in the name doesn't mean I'll be bombarding you with the latest raw, organic, vegan, paleo chocolate cake or dishing out fitness tips, while I enjoy trying to live a healthy and active lifestyle it's not what I intend to showcase. (I'll leave that to the experts)

Well being is my way of saying 'and the rest'. It's the other excerpts from my life that keep me content.

(My boyfriend and I have some exciting plans for 2015 which will be documented)

After months of umming and ahhing, brainstorming and getting frustrated at HTML I welcome you to Style and Well Being.

massive thank you each and every person that has encouraged me to do this.

Judo uniform as everyday clothes is definately a thing and I am loving it, I don't think I've ever left the house in a pair of trousers as comfortable (or as unflattering) as these. They really don't do your lower region any favours but I'm past the point in caring what my behind looks like in clothes.  I am now currently lusting after anything and everything with a tie waist for spring/summer.

Zara Coat, Zara Trousers, Whistles Jumper, Adidas Stan Smith Trainers, Celine Trio Bag

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