How To: Messy Bob

Getting the chop from long to short can be daunting especially when it comes to styling your new tresses, I first made the chop over 4 years, remember when Alexa Chung chopped off her mop and coined the ombre trend...yeah I followed suit and honestly, I've never looked back. I distinctly remember feeling completely clueless as to how to style my bob but finally, through countless trial and error I have mastered a quick and straight forward method to create what I title the 'perfectly imperfect' wavy bob.

Tools I use:

Sea Salt Spray - I'm a fan of the Toni & Guy spray

Wide Plate GHD - using a wide straight iron is key to creating a soft wave as apposed to a ringlet style curl that you might get from a regular straightening iron. Exact model I use can be found here.

Texturising Powder - I use the V05 'Give Me Texture' powder, after trying nearly all the powders Boots has to offer this one is my favourite.

This is my hair prior to any styling - due to the nature of my job (hideous 6am wakeup calls) I wash my hair in the evenings and leave to air dry, I personally haven't used a hair dryer on my hair in over 2 years. In preparation for the next day while the hair is wet I spray the roots with sea salt spray so they appear 'lived in' once dry.

Step 1 

Separate the hair above the temple into two sections, I work in two sections due to the thickness of my hair if your hair isn't as thick this might not be necessary.

Step 2

Keeping the straightening iron vertical take a section of hair and twist the iron back on itself turning your wrist 180 degrees (away from your face) trying not to pull the straightener down, you want to avoid curling the bottom of the hair. I always start the wave at ear level -

never above.  

Carry on doing this all the way round taking different sized sections of hair each time, I have to do the back blind and then check how it looks using the two mirror trick.

Step 3

Repeat step 2 on the top layer of the hair

Step 4

An unorthodox technique I've picked up is flicking the ends of the hair out I don't apply this technique to the entire head just on random sections, this stops the ends looking uniform.

Step 5

As if my hair wasn't thick enough already I like to plump it up even more using the texturising powder, this powder gives my hair a pleasant matte texture and some serious volume that stays! ( I secretly love triangle hair)

Sprinkle powder into your hand and work through the root and ends of the hair using a scrunching motion, really mess it up! Sprinkling the powder onto your hand as apposed to straight on the hair helps distribute the product evenly. If applied directly to the hair build up of product can occur leaving you with an irreversible (until washed) matted mess.

I owe my cut and colour to my outstanding hairdresser Katie at The Egg, Norwich. She gets both my colour and cut spot on every time.  (if my purse strings are a little tight I get Dean's mum to give me a trim)

I hope this helps any of you ladies having trouble styling your new bob, do not hesitate to ask for any other tips I may have missed out.

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