Inside My Work Wardrobe

In my line of work [Visual Merchandising] I'm lucky enough to be able to pretty much wear what I want [with exceptions of course] that being said though I still believe in keeping an air of professionalism when dressing for work. [a bum skimming dungaree playsuit without tights does not bode well with your seniors*]

While I might not work directly with customers I am still seen by customers to a degree representing a company so an appropriate appearance goes without saying.

Spending most of my week at work, 5 days out of 7 to be precise, I have consequently adopted a mix and match wardrobe in keeping with my personal [outside of work] style. This technique enables me to avoid [the sin of] wearing the same thing two days in succession and I no longer feel the need to plan outfits the night before.

Using this mix and match method means every single piece can be worn together, every top goes with every bottom, essentially I have over 50 looks I can wear to work using only 17 items.

My work wardrobe consists of:

3 x basic t-shirts in black, white & grey

3 x button down shirts in black, white and blue

1 x black a-line skirt

1 x black cigarette pants

1 x grey cigarette pants

1 x long sleeve breton in black & white

2 x basic loose dresses in black & navy

1 x shirt dress

2 x black smart shoe

1 x white trainers

1 x black trainers

Rather than boring the socks off of you by creating a 50+ photo heavy blog post I have photographed a small portion of my favourite outfits. I stick to a classic palette with classic cuts as a result some of these past season pieces are still relevant and going strong in my work wardrobe. In hindsight I realise not everyone will have the luxury of wearing trainers to work [to avoid looking sloppy always pair alongside something overtly smart] in lieu of trainers you could add more oxfords and brogues.

Left: Whistles Dress, Adidas Gazelles, COS socks / Right: CDG Tshirt, Zara Skirt, COS shoes

Left: Whistles Dress [I also have this in navy], Office shoes/ Right: H&M shirt, Zara Skirt, Adidas Stan Smiths

Zara Shirt [this shirt has unfortunately retired from my wardrobe due to falling apart], Topshop Trousers, COS shoes 

I hope this gives some if not one of you the inspiration to inject a new lease of life in to your work wardrobe, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut of unflattering bootcut trousers and suit jackets [I see this all too often] dressing for work CAN be gratifying [especially when Whistles is involved]

*NB: I haven't done this myself but I have witnessed this in the workplace.