Man Repelling In Satin

I am absolutely beside myself, last week whilst leafing through the withering away sale rails in my local Topshop without a hope in hell of finding any gems, this solitary pair of satin culottes stopped me in my tracks. [It was meant to be] For the small sum of £10 without even trying them on I was straight to the till! Culottes are un doubtedly like marmite, boyfriends of the world are confused by/hate them while you couldn't be happier and more comfortable in them. They really take comfort dressing to the next level [I'm all for them obviously].

The thick satin of this pair forms a structured silhouette as apposed to the many relaxed flowing shapes retailers are offering. I can't wait to pair these with white Birkenstocks come warmer weather. [cue the birk tan lines]

WoodWood Long Sleeve, A.P.C Bag, Topshop Culottes, Adidas Trainers